Atlas De Anatomia Normal Humana (Spanish Edition) - download pdf or read online

By V. Ya. Lipchenko - R. P. Samusev

ISBN-10: 503001666X

ISBN-13: 9785030016665

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The segment which was the head now gets the name heavy meromyosin, or HMM, because, at molecular weight 310,000, it is the heavier of the two particles. A sufficiently long exposure to trypsin breaks HMM into several more subfragments, including one HMM S-2 and two HMM S-1 's. It has been shown that all the enzymatic properties which allow myosin to split ATP are located in the HMM S-1 subfragment. It is further known that binding between myosin and actin is not possible unless HMM S-1 is present.

L 972a) that a subject breathing pure oxygen while undertaking exercise can increase the oxygen content of the arterial blood by about 9%. The increase in peak aerobic work rate is also nearly 9%. This observation suggests that the maximum aerobic rate of energy expenditure is limited by the ability of the cardiorespiratory system to transport oxygen to the muscles. Breathing oxygen during exercise does not increase the rate of blood flow, but it does bring oxygen to the muscles at a higher rate because of the higher dissolved oxygen concentration of the blood.

With the membrane gone, control over the biochemical state of the contractile proteins passes into the hands of the experimenter. After washing out the glycerol, he can add agents which he suspects are responsible for initiating the process of contraction, with confidence that they will quickly reach the actin and myosin, now unprotected by any membrane. 6 i-P - . 4 Qi Fig. 3. Developed tension in a single fiber frog muscle as a function of pCa (negative log of free calcium concentration). 22 µm.

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