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By Juan Enriquez

ISBN-10: 0609504460

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In because the destiny Catches You, Juan Enriquez of the Harvard enterprise college makes an attempt to trap the trajectory of technological development and comprehend the forces shaping our social and monetary futures. Enriquez argues that February 2, 2001--the date that any one with net entry may perhaps examine the complete human genome--is similar to 1492 and Columbus's discovery of the US. rather than a brand new continent notwithstanding, Enriquez sees the alphabet of DNA (A, adenine; T, thymine; C, cytosine; and G, guanine) and predicts that it'll be the "dominant language and fiscal driving force of this century." whereas not one of the principles awarded listed below are completely new, because the destiny Catches You sticks out as a result of Enriquez's skill to view and attach trends--genomics in particular--in a manner that almost a person can comprehend. Eye-popping typography and pics coupled with a compact and virtually poetic writing type make this thought-provoking e-book one to delight in.

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While quantum mechanics is not, to be sure, the last word in our understanding of nature, it did turn out to be the key missing ingredient that would enable physicists to develop the field of solid-state physics. When combined with the electromagnetic theory of the nineteenth century, quantum mechanics provides the blueprint for our current wireless world of information and communication. Scientists today, working on twenty-first-century nanotechnology, are still dining off the efforts of the quantum physicists of the 1920s.

If we’d had a revolution in energy storage (like the pulps predicted) rather than information storage, we could zip to work with jet packs, but once we got there we’d find no cell phones, no DVD or personal video recorders, no laser printers, and no personal computers. The field of solid-state physics, which enabled the development of these and other practical devices, is in turn made possible through quantum mechanics. While science fiction writers were imagining what the future would look like, scientists at industrial laboratories and research universities were busy using the new understanding of the quantum world to create the transistor and the laser.

In this book I will explain the key concepts underlying quantum mechanics and show how these ideas account for the properties of metals, insulators, and semiconductors, the study of which forms the field of solid-state physics. I’ll describe how the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei and atoms, an intrinsically quantum mechanical phenomena, allow us to see inside the human body using magnetic resonance imaging and store vast libraries of information on computer hard drives. 1 And we’ll see how the same quantum phenomena that changed the very nature of technology in the last fifty years will similarly influence the growing field of nanotechnology in the next fifty years.

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