Download PDF by Gayane V Hagopian: Armenian for Everyone: Western And Eastern Armenian in

By Gayane V Hagopian

ISBN-10: 0882065165

ISBN-13: 9780882065168

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This theory, which in one form or another has enjoyed con­ siderable popularity, imdoubtedly contains an element of truth, though we are stilI unable to say how much. One thing that is certain is that most Greek place-names are not composed of Greek words : there are a few that are, like Thermopulai ' Hot-gates', but a good number, like Athenai (Athens), Mukenai (Mycenae), Korinthos, Zakunthos, Halikarnassos, Lukabettos, arc not only devoid ofmeaning, but belong to groups with a restricted range ofendings ; just as English names can be recognized by endings like -bridge, -ton, -ford.

To complete the history of the appearance of the texts we may anticipate a little afld mention the discovery in 1952 by Professor Wace of the first tablets from Mycenae. These were found not in the royal palace, which had been dug by Schliemann and Tsoundas at the end of the last century, but in separate buildings or houses outside the walls of the acropolis or royal castle. A further fmd in 1954 brought the number of tablets from this site up to fifty. Evans' reaction to the news of the tablets from Pylos is not recorded ; he was then eighty-eight and he died before the matter could be discussed.

Almost all decipherers made resemblances with the Cypriot script their starting-point. ' It would be tedious and unnecessary to discuss here all the attempts published up to 1950; a few samples of translations pro­ posed should be enough to illustrate the nature of a good deal of the work on this problem. The Czech scholar Professor Bedi'ich Hrozny established a deserved reputation for himself by his demonstration, about the time of the First World War, that the Hittite language written in a cuneiform script was in fact of Indo-European origin, thus opening the way to its study.

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