Hans Zimmer's Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses–1975 PDF

By Hans Zimmer

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ISBN-13: 9780120407040

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P. R i v i e r e , J. S a t g e , A. B o y , J. O R G A N O M E T . , 9i,25 (1975). E . C a r b e r r y , T, K e e n e , and J. J o h n s o n , J. I N O R G . N U C L . , 3 7 , 8 3 9 ( 1 9 7 5 ) . S. C r a d o c k , E .

The interaction of HN (CH2CH2OH) 2 and SÍF4 in C5H5 gave the complexes SÍF4-2Q, SÍF4-Q in addition to (HQ)3(SÍ2F7) [Q=HN(CH2CH20H)2] (166). Y. COREY SILICON-METAL BONDS A new preparation of Me3SiNa and Me3SiK has been published. The silylmetallic reagents are formed in the cleavage of the SiSi bond of Me^SÍ2 with NaOMe in the solvent, l,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone^ and coup­ ling reactions with organic chlorides (but not bromides or iodides) proceed in high yields (167). Generation of Me3SiK from Me5SÍ2 and KOMe in THE, C^H^ or Et20 requires the presence of the phase-transfer catalyst, 1 - 0 .

Corriu, J. ORGANCMETAL. , 86, C47 (1975). 95. J. Nagy, P. Hencsei, E. Zimonyi-Hegeclus, PERIOD. , CHEM. , 18, 275 (1974). CHEM. , 82, 156438 (1975). 96. M. HoeTTer, J. Scheuren, G. Weber, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 78, 347 (1974). ~ 97. V. P. K. Dobrovinskaya, ZH. PRIKL. KHIM. (LENINGRAD), 48, 1337 (1975). CHEM. , 83, 147535 (1975). 98. U. Wannagat and D. Labuhn, MONATSH. , 104, 1457 (1973). 99. S. S. G. S. Leonova, ZH. OBSHCH. , 44, 1766 (1974). U. Klingebiel, D. Fischer and A. Melier, MONATSH. , 106, 459 (1975).

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