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Theories on why we dream are assorted and lots of. There are credible scientists who say goals haven't any useful goal, yet quite are byproducts of unrelated strategies that take place in the course of sleep, akin to reminiscence consolidation. in the meantime, there are both credible scientists who assert that desires practice vital services that restructure the brain, aiding us navigate our waking lives.

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Construction on pioneering animal experiences, and applying new, noninvasive suggestions for learning the human mind, study at the human amygdala has blossomed in recent times. This entire quantity brings jointly major specialists to synthesize present wisdom at the amygdala and its position in mental functionality and disorder.

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Reproductive cell division – this occurs when a new organism is to be produced. Through a process of nuclear division called meiosis, sperm and egg cells are produced and these form a new organism. Did you know? Every human cell, except for mature red blood cells, is potentially capable of forming a complete human being. In this chapter we will only study somatic cell division in depth but, before we go any further, you need to know the following terms: • Somatic cell = any cell except the reproductive cells.

Dense regular connective tissue (white fibrous tissue) Description: Consists mainly of collagen fibres arranged in parallel bundles with cells in between the bundles. The matrix is a shiny white colour. Location example: Tendons, ligaments, aponeuroses. Function: Attachment. Bone (osseous tissue) – bone is an exceptionally hard connective tissue that protects and supports other organs of the body. It consists of bone cells sitting in lacunae (cavities) surrounded by layers of a very hard matrix that has been strengthened by inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphate.

Excretion The skin excretes wastes from the body. g. garlic). Secretion Sebaceous glands found in the skin secrete sebum which is a fatty substance that keeps the skin supple and waterproof. Synthesis of vitamin D The skin contains cholesterol molecules which, in the presence of sunlight, are converted to calcitriol, an active form of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a prohormone that helps regulate the calcium levels of the body and is necessary for the growth and maintenance of bones. Did you know? Your body only needs one hour per week of sunlight on the hands, arms and face to synthesise vitamin D.

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