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By Alexander Roob

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A fantastical trip in the course of the pictorial global of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians. This particular collection of illustrations with commentaries and resource texts publications us on a desirable trip throughout the representations of the key arts.

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The series that he believed he had found for the earth ( M i Fa Mi) came to represent for him, shortly after the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War, the fact "that F. Gaffurio, Theorica musical Milan, 1492 Misere and Fames (hunger) rule in our vale of tears". A. Kircher, Musurgia univer· salis, Rome, 1650 According to Genesis 4, 21, Jubal (ill. top left), a descendant of Cain, was the father of a l l such as handle the harp and organ". For Kepler, this figure is none other than Apollo, and Kepler also believed that Pythagoras was Hermes Trismeg istus.

Peter Apian, Astronomicum Caesareum, Ingolstadt. 1540 71 Moon Moon This disc from Apian ' s Astronom­ icum Caesareum enables the user to calculate the position ofthe ascending lunar node on a particu­ lar date. The two points of intersection of the moon's orbit and the ecliptic are called lunar nodes or "dragon points". The ascending node is the head ofthe dragon, the descending one its tail. Both points play an important part in the calcula­ tion of the calen­ dar, and were used in classical astron­ omy, chiefly for the calculation of solar and lunar eclipses_ Chart for the calculation of solar and lunar eclipses_ According to ancient legends, these were due to a dragon swallowing the heavenly bodies and spewing them out again_ A.

I, Oppenheim, 7677 112 MACROCOSM: Genesis MACROCOSM: Genesis 113 Eye Cenesis The underlying plan of this Masonic tapes­ try is the circle with a point at the centre, the sign of gold. The earth in the centre signifies the 'true lodge' which must be established, the sounding ofthe spiritual, inner space. The compass and the set­ square stand for reason and conscientious­ ness at work. According to Kirchweger, the two signs CD and e, nitrum (saltpetre) and alkaline salt embody the dual prin· ciples of male and female, mind and spirit, active and passive.

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