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By Sergio R. López-Permouth, Dinh Van Huynh

ISBN-10: 3034602855

ISBN-13: 9783034602853

This quantity contains refereed examine and expository articles via either plenary and different audio system on the overseas convention on Algebra and functions held at Ohio college in June 2008, to honor S.K. Jain on his seventieth birthday. The articles are on a wide selection of parts in classical ring concept and module idea, corresponding to earrings pleasing polynomial identities, jewelry of quotients, team jewelry, homological algebra, injectivity and its generalizations, and so on. integrated also are purposes of ring thought to difficulties in coding thought and in linear algebra.

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A finite group ring KG of a non-abelian group G over a field K is reversible if and only if K = GF (2n ) with an odd n ≥ 1 and G = Q8 × E2 , where the order of E2 divides 2m − 1 for some odd m > 1. The following result from [5] addresses the question of which reversible group algebras KG are not symmetric. 5. A reversible group algebra KG of a non-abelian torsion group G over a field K is not symmetric if and only if char(K) = 2, and G = Q8 × E2 . Note that (R1 × R2 )G is reversible if and only if both R1 G and R2 G are reversible.

For a ring R are equivalent: (1) R-nat = R-conat . (2) nat (M ) = conat (M ) for each M ∈ R- mod . Proof. (1) =⇒ (2) Let M be an R-module, as nat (M ) ∈ R-nat ⊆ R-conat, then nat(M ) is a conatural class containing M, thus conat (M ) ⊆ nat (M ) . Symmetrically, nat (M ) ⊆ conat (M ) . (2) =⇒ (1) Suppose (2) and let us take a natural class C. If M ∈ C, as conat (M ) = nat (M ) ⊆ C, it follows that C is closed under quotients. To show that C is a conatural class, it suffices to prove that a module M such that all of its nonzero quotients have a non zero quotient in C, must belong to C (for this is equivalent to the CN condition mentioned at the beginning of the preceding section).

If 28 A. A. Rinc´ on Mej´ıa and J. R´ıos Montes / C⊥sext , D ∈ / D⊥sext , then there exists 0 = E ≤ D such that E ∈ D and E ∈ then there exists 0 = F ≤ E with F ∈ C. Then F ∈ her (M ) ∩ (C ∧ D) = {0}, a contradiction. So M = C ⊕ D with C ∈ C⊥sext and D ∈ D⊥sext which implies M ∈ C⊥sext ∨ D⊥sext . 3. The big lattice R-qext We shall denote by R-qext the proper class of all classes of left R-modules closed under isomorphisms, quotients and extensions. 6, we have the following results: (Notice that R- quot = L{ } ).

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