H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)'s Advances in Pesticide Science: Abstract and Addendum PDF

By H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0080239307

ISBN-13: 9780080239309

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The processes are well suited for automation and counterflow realization, 4. the formation of industrial wastes can be easily minimized. The special features of this approach as well as some examples will be discussed. H. Hintermaier, H. Michaud and M. -Germany N101 SYNTHESIS OF SUBSTITUTED UREAS WITHOUT ISOCYANATES. In a simple, economically interesting manner there can be prepared ureas, which have two alkyl-substituents at the one N-atom and an alkyl - respectively aryl-substituent at the other.

Germany τ ^r 1 "-LUD SUBSTITUTED SULFAMIC ACID HALIDES - NEW SYNTHETIC INTEBMEDIATES Dialkylsulfamic acid halides constitute a class of interesting intermediates for the synthesis of herbicides and fungicides. Due to the drastic reaction conditions in prior art manufacturing methods, however, only unsubstituted representatives have hitherto been synthesized· By reaction of sulfamic acids, or their halides, with paraformaldehyde and a halogenating agent, new a-halomethyl-substituted sulfamic acid halides are now accessible in good yields· RHHSO H (HCH0)n ^ HO-CH^" N-S0,H y SOClo ^ Bv ^N-S0 p Cl Cl-CH^ Starting from acetaldehyde the same reaction sequence with methylsulfamic acid chloride gives a mixture of a-chloroethyl- and a-vinyl-methylsulfamic acid chloride· The bifunctional compounds display preferential activity at the méthylène halide rather than the acid halide function· R.

Nishimura and Y. Miyamoto Ι-9Π7 School of Hygienic Sciences, Kitasato University, Sagamihara-shi, Japan K. Matsumoto and T. , Yokohama-shi, Japan SYNTHESIS OF THIOSEMICARBAZONES OF 3-OXO-ESTERS AND AMIDES AND l-THIOCARBAMOYL-PYRAZOLINE-5-ONES AND THEIR ANTIFUNGAL ACTIVITY AGAINST PIRICULARIA ORYZAE. The purpose of this work is to synthesize the title compounds in order to know the structure-activity relationship and to find effective compounds to control blast of rice. R2 Rx-C-CH-COOEt N-NH-CS-NHR3 III R2 Ri-C-CH-COZ N-NH-CS-NHR3 IV R 1 - Li ~~"——* L 1 - R 2 HN.

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Advances in Pesticide Science: Abstract and Addendum by H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)

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