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Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection among Jewish mysticism and vintage astrology via mentioning the various references scattered all through Jewish literature to the impression of the celebrities on human future. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson offers a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology in accordance with kabbalah, summarizing the advanced procedure of parts in Jewish inspiration that correlates to every astrological signal. The publication additionally explains the original dating the Jewish humans need to astrology, and lower than what conditions astrological consultations are accepted to contributors.

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The symbolic energy of Iyar, thought, became manifest in a negative form in the realm of desire during this month, when the Jews of the desert complained to Moses about not having meat to eat (see commentary of the Gaon of Vilna on Sefer Yetzirah, par. 46). The retribution of Heaven visited upon them proceeded from the attribute of judgment, operative during Iyar, through its sign, the bull. During this month, in the Sinai Desert, the Jewish people manifested a strong desire for comfort and relaxation.

51 TISHREI Libra (Scales) The month of Tishrei was formed by means of the letter Lamed (? ), the tallest of all of the Hebrew letters. The astrological sign of this month is scales (Libra). The shape of the letter Lamed is similar to the form of balanced scales. The sign of this month indicates that, during this time, man's deeds are weighed upon scales. The tribe of this month is Ephraim (the son of Joseph). The combination of the letters of the divine Name, associated with this month is Vav, Heh, Yod, Heh.

In its negative aspect it symbolizes teet Clime pit)-death (see Otyot d 'Rabbi A kiva, explanation of the meaning of the Hebrew letters according to Rabbi Akiva, letter Teth), whereas in its positive aspect it is the beginning of the word tov (goodness). The Talmud (Baba Kama, 55a) teaches that a person who sees the letter Teth in a dream may expect good fortune, for the passage (Genesis, ch. 1, v. " The essential nature of this month, hearing, is associated with the letter Teth in its indication that in its positive aspect, one's proper use of the hearing faculty may lead one to good works, whereas its misuse may lead one to tumah, impurity and destruction.

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