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By A. Rendle Short and C. I. Ham (Auth.)

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Respiration recommences, until C0 2 again diminshes, and also oxygen inspired lowers excitability of centre, and respiration again ceases. The apnœic phase is relieved by giving oxygen or COa. — 1. —Pressure greater than 5 atmospheres is dangerous. —Occurs on too sudden return to normal pressure. Due to blocking and rupture of capillaries by sudden evolution of gases dissolved at high pressure. —(a) Paralysis ; (b) Pain in muscles, joints, and abdomen ; (c) Collapse. 2. — MOUNTAIN SICKNESS may occur on ascending from sea level to height of about 10,000 ft.

Is only 0-7, on protein about 0-8. —Increased in convalescence from wasting diseases, and just before hibernation in animals, when carbohydrate is being stored as fat. Decreased during hibernation, fat probably being converted into glucose. During starvation, high at first while store of glycogen is being used up, low afterwards when energy is derived from fat and tissue proteins. Q. ) Mouthpiece and long glass tube ; attached to proximal end is a sampling tube which has been rendered vacuous. , alveolar air) is collected.

Haemoglobin gives off its oxygen, dissociation becoming much more rapid below 70 mm. Haemoglobin is nearly completely saturated at pressure of oxygen in atmosphere. Determined in aerotonometer. Blood is exposed to various partial pressures of oxygen, and then the oxygen in blood is estimated by Barcroft's method. Dissociation is facilitated by : (1) Presence of COa or other acids ; (2) Rise of temperature. Dissociation curve in man is usually determined in an atmosphere containing same amount of COa as alveolar air.

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