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By Terje Mathiassen

ISBN-10: 0893572675

ISBN-13: 9780893572679

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34) jawam Ø-majaji ɫ-’op’om camalote11 3sg-yellow 3poss-flower ‘Water Poppy (Hydrocleis nymphoides)’, (lit. ‘camalote yellow its flower) (PA 150) Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that we have found cases of complex compounds with a different order of the constitutive elements. poss-skin-3sg-yellow ‘type of plant, Euglypha rojasiana’, (lit. ‘the rhea’s skin is yellow’) (PA 170) A divergence from the regular pattern can also be seen in (36), where the order of the elements in the compound is reversed, in spite of not even being a very complex construction.

Tacconi Even when Maká and Toba are languages from different families, they share a common area, the Gran Chaco, and there are authors that claim that both families (Mataguayan and Guaycuruan) are related (Viegas Barros 1993, 2006). The fact that both languages have similar compound structures could be due to language contact, or it might be further proof of their belonging to the same family. 6. Conclusion The purpose of this paper is to characterize compounds in the Maká language. In the first part, we addressed difficulties that occur when trying to make a clear distinction between derivation, composition and syntax.

2006. La hipótesis macro-guaicurú: semejanzas gramaticales guaicurú-mataguayo. UniverSOS: Revista de Lenguas Indígenas y Universos Culturales 3: 197–210. Zamponi, Raoul. 2009. Arawakan: Maipure-Yavitero. In The Oxford Handbook of Compounding, Rochelle Lieber & Pavol Štekauer (eds), 584–593. Oxford: OUP. Augmentative in Toba (Guaycuruan) Form and function Paola Cúneo University of Buenos Aires, CONICET* The purpose of this paper is to analyse the morphosyntactic and semantic aspects of the augmentative forms in the Toba language (Guaycuruan family), spoken in the Gran Chaco region (Argentina).

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