New PDF release: A Problem book in Astronomy and Astrophysics

By Aniket Sule

This can be a compilation of difficulties from the foreign Olympiad in Astronomy and
Astrophysics (2007-2012).

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2. ) (e) Compare the result with theoretical size of the diffraction disc of the telescope. (f) Seeing of 1” often considered to indicate good conditions. Calculate the size of the star image in pixels if the atmospheric seeing was 1” and compare it with the result from question 1d. 1. 1 around Object 2. On the other hand A shows the same area observed some time earlier. fast enough that it left a clear trail on the image. 2A). Using the above results, determine the angular velocity on the sky of both objects.

000000 amu. The fusion of helium into carbon by triple-α process is given by 3 4 He →12 C + γ (I08 - T04 - B) 12. A main sequence star at a distance of 20 pc is barely visible through a certain space-based telescope which can record all wavelengths. The star will eventually move up along the giant branch, during which time its temperature drops by a factor of 3 and its radius increases 100fold. What is the new maximum distance at which the star can still be (barely) visible using the same telescope?

D (f) Find also the value of Dδt (in the unit “per year”).

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