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Using a large choice of sources--laws, proceedings, church files, sermons, political tracts, diaries, newspapers, and govt records--Frost lines the advance of non secular freedom in Pennsylvania from the founding of the colony as much as global warfare II.

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When a special institution like the Quaker school in Philadelphia formed, William Penn granted it a special charter. In 1705 the assembly, worried that the property of dissenters needed the same protection as that of Anglicans, passed a bill empowering religious societies to "hold, buy and sell Lands" but the governor refused his assent because of adverse comment by local Anglicans, though he may have sent the proposal to England for comment. The assembly repeatedly requested the governor to approve the bill.

28 But British freedoms included the right to elect assemblymen. Those who elected the assembly's members knew what the Quaker party stood for. The votes showed that the people approved of Quaker policies and disliked a militia. If the Quaker policies were incompatible with government, why did the people not know it? The history of Pennsylvania, its prosperity and peacefulness, proved the soundness of the freemen's votes. To destroy the Quaker government of Pennsylvania by disqualifying Friends from serving through the imposition of an oath, for example, would be to subvert the natural rights of the British colonists.

In 1693 the assembly's bill to create a militia passed through a second reading, but was defeated on the third reading. The assembly in 1696, 1709, and 1711 voted funds only in response to 29 30 A PERFECT FREEDOM specific commands from the English government, but never as much as was requested and not for direct military expenses. 4 In 1711 the assembly entrusted the £2000 for the "Queen's use" to a committee instructed to make sure that no military expenditures resulted, and the funds had not been spent at the end of the war.

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