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Personal pronouns have at least two forms, one used as a subject marker and the other used in nearly all other contexts. 8. Typological overview 19 Verbs have little morphology. Tense, mood, aspect, and polarity (1MAP) are generally shown by means of free morphemes, which both precede and follow the verb. Tone and segmental changes may also mark verbal distinctions. Mani has at least five fairly unproductive verb extensions, verb suffixes which affect argument structure. Mani has a limited number of prepositions rather broad in meaning, but often used in conjunction with semantically narrower postpositions, which further specify meaning.

With regard to movement rules, a focus construction fronts an item of focus and marks the focused item with a following element, usually a pronoun. Yes/no questions require a final marker; Q-word questions do not. In the latter type of question, the question word appears at the beginning of the question with a gap in the place where the questioned element would appear. Other sentence types are marked by intonation with no movement. Relative clauses are introduced by a pronoun and end with a relativization marker.

B. mfot mi n. ' d. mm6focemi ftc-£ n. ] to an alveolar [t], and perhaps is articulated further back when preceding palatal vowels. The alveopalatal "stop", denoted here as /c/, is more often an affricate [ts] or [tj], but fills a gap in the series and will be discussed with the other stops. It may be realized as an alveolar, but generally has a telltale hint of palatalization or frication marking it as contrastive with It/. The phoneme /c/ has a somewhat tenuous status compared to other members of the stop series, as will also be seen for [fl below in opposition to Is/.

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