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By Robert V. Levine

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Even though it is difficult to recollect in our clock-driven age, the idea that of time is relative and versatile. Robert Levine issues out cultures experience of time has profound outcomes for an individual's mental, actual, and emotional healthiness. traveling round the glope, in either prior and current occasions, he describes "clock time" towards either "nature time" - the rhythm of the sunlight and the seasons - and "event time" - the structuring of time round happenings. He argues that by means of studying to embody those 3 various perceptions of time, by means of constructing a "multi temporal" procedure, you will get pleasure from a extra versatile and worthwhile existence.

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Architect: "I'm glad you like it. We went all out on this washroom, had a lot of trouble getting that tile to match. Did you notice the anti-splash aerated faucets on the wash basins? ," in other words, may require more than a dictionary to translate. " ZEN MASTER THICH NHAT HANH As clock- and oven-watchers have long suspected, time seems to move more quickly when a task is absorbing, when it is challenging and requires mental effort, and when more events are happening. 33 One experiment, in fact, literally demonstrated that the passage of time feels slower to people who are directed to do nothing other than wait for a pot to boilY In other words, when the tempo of events is fast, the duration of time also seems to compress.

Balkan time. We sit, the way Zen masters sit. There's no awkwardness in it, no frantic noddings of the head or reassuring smiles. I'm beginning to find it strangely relaxing. I'm shifting to another sense of events, in which you don't insist on fulfilling a plan, but wait for what happens next. 36 Over the course of her journey, Hoffman began to understand that trusting silence requires a faith in the dynamics of change, and in human nature itself: Something always happens next: the principle I've been slowly soaking in.

Some people believe that the slow tempo of warm places has an ergonomic explanation-that it results from a general lack of energy. Certainly, anyone who has been through a heat wave knows that high temperatures can wear one down. Others hypothesize that the slowness has an evolutionary/ economic sensibility. They argue that people in warmer places don't need to work as hard. They require fewer and less costly belongings-fewer clothes, sirn- TEMPO 17 pIer homes, so why bother to rush? Then there are people who believe that warmer climates simply encourage taking time to enjoy life.

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