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9] Surke, L. ; Roche, M. S. C. (J. Electroanal. Chem. lnterfacial Electrochem. 186 [1985] 139/54). [(C 2H5)SnPd(OH)p](p-SJ-. J-. Complexes of these generat formulas have been obtained from SnCl3(C 2H5 ) and PdCl2 in basic aqueous med ia. Exchange of the ethyl group between the two metallic atoms has been observed in both cases and the kinetics of the reaction have been investigated. The system has been analysed by polarography. Polarographic and kinetic data are plotted in the paper. Proposed structures are shown below.

Preparation, infrared, thermal analysis and X-ray data have been reported for the monohydrate 8a[Pd(OH) 4 )· H20. 229A [2]. Ba[Pd(OH)6]. 2 N solution of Na2 [Pd(OH) 6] with the stoichiometric amount of 2 N 8aCL 2 solution and precipitates as yellow crystals. The infrared spectrum (4000 to 500 cm- 1) is reproduced and bands are assigned: v(O-H)=3430, 3400, 3360; ö(Pd0-H)=1110, 1065, 960; y(Pd0-H)=790, 680; v(Pd-OH) 555 cm- 1 . Decomposition of 8a[Pd(OH) 6 ] to yield 8aPd0 3 occurs at 180 to 380°C [3].

B 2 2. 20 [7] 8urke, R. L. A. 79 [1973] No. 84027). [8] Sundaram, A. ; Sandell, E. 8. (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 77 [1955] 855/7). [9] Yatsimirskii, A. ; Ryabov, A. ; 8erezin, I. V. (Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR Ser. Khim. 1976 1490/3; 8ull. Acad. Sei. USSR Div. Chem. Sei. 1976 1426/9). [10] Vargaftik, M. ; German, E. ; Dogonadze, R. ; Syrkin, Ya. K. (Dokl. Akad. A. 78 [1973] No. 8494). [11] Phillip, A. T. (Australian J. Chem. 22 [1969] 259/62). [12] Fasman, A. ; Golodov, V. ; Pustyl'Nikov, L. ; Luk'Yanov, A. ; 8aranovskii, 8.

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