A Companion to Roma Aeterna: Based on Hans Ørberg’s by Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. Ørberg PDF

By Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. Ørberg

ISBN-10: 1585108413

ISBN-13: 9781585108411

A sequel to her well-known A Companion to Familia Romana (now in its moment edition), Jeanne Marie Neumann's A Companion to Roma Aeterna bargains a working observation, in English, of the Latin grammar coated in Hans H. Ørberg's Roma Aeterna, and contains the entire textual content of the Ørberg ancillaries Grammatica Latina and Latin–English Vocabulary II. It additionally serves instead for Ørberg’s directions, on which it truly is based.

notwithstanding designed in particular for these forthcoming Roma Aeterna at an sped up speed, this quantity could be important to someone looking an particular exposition of that volume's implicitly offered grammar. as well as many revisions of the textual content, A Companion to Roma Aeterna additionally contains new devices on cultural context, tied to the narrative content material of the chapter.

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XXII). ” We also see the gerundive used in this way—expressing what is to be done to something—when used with the object of certain verbs. 196–197): Pompey “attended to a theatre which was to be built” conveys roughly the same idea as Pompeius cūrāvit ut theātrum aedificāretur. 325) In Cap. XXXVII, you’ll see the same construction with the verbs dare and offerre: [Euandrō] Faunus…arva colenda dedit. 12–14) Tum subitō māter Venus…fīliō sē videndam obtulit. 52, “the moon is said to be ‘new’”) In this chapter, we find the same construction with the perfect infinitive.

You will be tempted to look at your English instead of the Latin. ▷▷ You won’t learn Latin by writing out and memorizing translations. You will learn Latin only by continuing to read Latin! • Do not write the English meaning of a Latin word in your text! Your eye will go to the English, and you will learn nothing. 56–64: Quī posteā cum māximās aedificāsset ōrnāssetque classēs exercitūsque permagnōs quibuscumque ex gentibus potuisset comparāsset et sē Bosporānīs fīnitimīs suīs bellum īnferre similāret, usque in Hispāniam lēgātōs ac litterās mīsit ad eōs ducēs quibuscum tum bellum gerēbāmus, ut, cum duōbus in locīs disiūnctissimīs māximēque dīversīs ūnō cōnsiliō ā bīnīs hostium cōpiīs bellum terrā marīque gererētur, vōs ancipitī contentiōne districtī dē imperiō dīmicārētis.

48–50) Multī ōrātōrēs illūstrēs in Rōstra ascendērunt, ut ōrātiōnēs ad populum habērent. 42–44). 228–230). 280–281). 335–338). Meter There is a good amount of original verse in this and the following chapters.  XXXIV before proceeding. 182–183: elegiac couplet cōnstĭtŭītquĕ sĭbī quæ– ‘Māxĭmă’ dīcĭtŭr ārām (hexameter) hīc ŭbĭ pārs ūrbīs || dē bŏvĕ nōmĕn hăbēt (pentameter) V. Points of Style: Information about the Language of the Author under Consideration Accumulation of Genitives A genitive can depend on another genitive.

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